Shōwa 40s JNR - 昭和40年代の国鉄

Welcome! This site is about the Japanese National Railway of the Shōwa 40s (1965-1975). It'll be focussing primarily on freight cars and the Aizu Line for the time being, but eventually, as time and mood permit, I may branch off into other things, too - locomotives, passenger equipment, DCs and EMUs, infrastructure, and whatever else.


Aizu Line - 会津線

Aizu-Wakamatsu and the Aizu Region - 会津若松と会津地方

JNR Freight Cars 1955-1975 - 昭和30〜40年代の国鉄貨車 under construction - 工事中

> Models of 1960s JNR Freight Cars

> JNR Freight Car Classification System

Miscellaneous Items - 雑多な件

Contact - 通信