No. 1 Ōkawa Bridge - 第一大川橋梁

Kuwabara 桑原駅No. 1 Ōkawa Bridge 第一大川橋梁No. 1 Onumazaki Tunnel 第一小沼崎トンネル

Description - 解説

Opened in 1932 together with the Kamimiyori ~ Yunokami section of the Aizu Line. It was a single-track bridge of eleven plate girder sections with a 25‰ uphill grade towards Yunokami. Downbound, the bridge end was almost immediately at the entrance to No. 1 Onumazaki Tunnel. It was painted red in 1965 but green by 1974.

Adjacent to it was the suspension bridge of the former route of National Highway 121; this bridge was made of wood and had a load limit of 2 tons.

Both bridges were removed in 1980 due to construction of the Ōkawa Dam.




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