No. 3 Onumazaki Tunnel - 第三小沼崎トンネル

No. 2 Onumazaki Tunnel 第二小沼崎トンネルNo. 3 Onumazaki Tunnel 第三小沼崎トンネルNo. 4 Onumazaki Tunnel 第四小沼崎トンネル


Opened in 1932 together with the Kamimiyori ~ Yunokami section of the Aizu Line. The approach to the southern mouth of No. 3 Onumazaki Tunnel had a long retaining wall on the cliff side (of the round-rocks-in-concrete variety), and there was a short bridge 30m south of the southern entrance to the tunnel.

Unlike the other tunnels, the inside of this very short tunnel was lined entirely in concrete, including on the ceiling. Heading north from the north mouth of the tunnel, the line continued on a ledge between the cliff and the river, with a short retaining wall at the tunnel mouth; adjacent to the line, just north of the tunnel, the old route of the National Highway had a concrete arch bridge.



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