No. 4 Onumazaki Tunnel - 第四小沼崎トンネル

No. 3 Onumazaki Tunnel 第三小沼崎トンネルNo. 4 Onumazaki Tunnel 第四小沼崎トンネルNo. 2 Ōkawa Bridge 第二大川橋梁

Description - 解説

Opened in 1932 together with the Kamimiyori ~ Yunokami section of the Aizu Line. This was the 400m-long tunnel into which the line went (upwards) immediately off the north end of the #2 Ogawa Bridge. After exiting the No. 4 tunnel, the line ran through cedar forest.

The construction method was the same as for the rest of the Onumazaki tunnels, with the original tunnel wall being made entirely of concrete bricks, with a lining of poured concrete up until about halfway up the side walls. Later, the poured concrete layer on the lower half of the walls was given an extra layer, and a layer of wooden boards was applied to the arch of the ceiling where the brick was exposed; this was fastened in place by iron ribs that ran all the way around the arch from floor to floor.



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