No. 5 Ōkawa Bridge - 第五大川橋梁

No. 4 Ōkawa Bridge 第四大川橋梁No. 5 Ōkawa Bridge 第五大川橋梁Tō-no-hetsuri Halt 塔のへつり仮乗降場

Description - 解説

Length - 全長: 98 m

Opened in 1934 together with the Yunokami ~ Aizu-Tajima section of the Aizu Line. It is a single track bridge, made up of one Warren truss section and two plate girder sections, built by the Yokogawa Bridge Manufacturing Co. (now Yokogawa Bridge ). Structurally, it is the same as the No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 Ōkawa Bridges.

Adjacent to the bridge on the upstream side is the NH121 road bridge. Presently, it is an arch bridge, but I've not yet found information on what the bridge looked like in the 1960s.



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