Funako Provisional Halt - 舟子仮乗降場 (km 19.3)

Funako Tunnel 舟子トンネルFunako Provisional Halt - 舟子仮乗降場Mukaiyama Tunnel 向山トンネル

Passenger only.


Timeline - タイムライン

  1932.12.22 - opened as Funako Signal Box together with the Kamimiyori ~ Yunokami section of the Aizu Line. 舟子信号場として上三寄駅から湯野上駅までの路線部分と一緒に開かれた。
  1968.10.17 - station building built, renamed Funako Provisional Halt. 駅舎は建てられた;駅は「舟子仮乗降場」に改称された。
  1980.12.1 - relocated when new line opened. 新線路を開通されたら駅舎は移転された。
  1987.7.16 - Aizu Line taken over by third-sector operator Aizu Railway; station renamed Ōkawadamukōen Station. 会津線は第三セクターの会津鉄道に受け継がれた;駅は「大川ダム公園駅」に改称された。

Description - 解説

Single track, single side platform; unmanned passenger-only halt. The forests in the area between the Kuragawa Bridge and the Funako Tunnel are mainly beech.

The aerial image below shows the approximate location of the original Funako Halt (on the yellow line), and the spot to where it was relocated when the new alignment was built in 1980 (on the orange line). When the station was moved, the original small waiting shelter built in 1968 was moved to the new spot.



Passenger services - 旅客の勤め

All local passenger trains stopped here despite the fact that it wasn't officially a station, and was never indicated on JNR timetables.


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