Kuragawa Bridge - 闇川橋梁

Kamimiyori 上三寄駅Kuragawa Bridge 闇川橋梁Funako Tunnel 舟子トンネル

Description - 解説

Length - 全長: 51.8 m

2 spans of 12.8m + 38.4m. Pratt truss.

Opened in 1932 together with the Kamimiyori ~ Yunokami section of the Aizu Line.

As the gorge of the Kuragawa River is quite deep, a pillar could not be built in the middle. As a result, it was built as a cantilever type bridge with a counterweight at one end. It was built by the Yokogawa Bridge Manufacturing Co. (now Yokogawa Bridge).

From the top of the rail to the top of the river at maximum depth is roughly 19.2 m or 63'. Most of the pictures I've seen the water level is much lower, around where the lower blue line on my sketch is. Estimating based on the outline of the gorge/riverbed on the diagram, which is in brown on my sketch, I'd say top of the rail to the river surface when the water is low is about 27 m or a bit over 88' 6".

Immediately adjacent was a concrete-arch road bridge (later replaced).






Partial diagram in N scale (1:150). 部分的な図面(縮尺1:150)。

Partial diagram in N scale with C11 to illustrate size. 大小を説明するC11の模型と一緒に部分的な図面。

Overhead view of the bridge as it is today; very little has changed since the 1970s, aside from the road bridge having been replaced. 橋梁の現在の空撮。道路橋の交換を除いてほとんど変わらない。

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