Mukaiyama Tunnel - 向山トンネル

Funako Halt - 舟子仮乗降場Mukaiyama Tunnel 向山トンネルKuwabara 桑原駅

Description - 解説

Opened in 1932 together with the Kamimiyori ~ Yunokami section of the Aizu Line.

The name "Mukaiyama Tunnel" is given to the tunnel on the current alignment between Ōkawa Dam Park Station and Ashinomaki Onsen Minami Station, named after the mountain through which it is cut. The old alignment went around the mountain from Funako ( = Ōkawa Dam Park) to Kuwabara ( = Ashinomaki Onsen Minami, (2nd) Kuwabara until 1987), passing through two, considerably shorter tunnels. Although I haven't yet discovered the actual names of these tunnels, I think that No. 1 Mukaiyama Tunnel and No. 2 Mukaiyama Tunnel are fairly safe guesses.



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