Sannōgawa Bridge 山王川橋梁

Itozawa 糸沢駅Sannōgawa Bridge 山王川橋梁Aizu-Takinohara 会津滝ノ原駅

Description - 解説

Length - 全長: 100 m

Opened in 1953 together with the Arakai ~ Aizu-Takinohara section of the Aizu Line. It is curved, and approximately 10 m high. Due to a gentle slope (15‰), the speed limit on the bridge is 60 km/h. It is a single track reinforced concrete arch bridge, with nine arches. There is also a 12 m plate girder section on the Aizu-Tajima side. It was built with reinforced concrete in order to reduce the use of steel; the bridge itself was completed in 1941, but due to the Pacific War work on the Aizu-Tajima ~ Aizu-Takinohara section was suspended, and post-war materials shortages further delayed completion of the line.


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